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Crochet Sunflower Pillow  Solig FREE PATTERNS Hello friends, today we are going to learn how to make this beautiful Crochet Pillow, with Sunflowers. I'm delighted with this Pattern, I really like flowers. so I'm going to teach you today in this step by step how to finish a Square Crochet Stitch, another step by step to make a Sunflower pillow. I am very happy to share this model with friends. and a step by step tutorial for beginners that I would like to do in practice seeing this model being made. see some tips and attention to the secrets revealed here. because it's a free step by step that no one reveals easy. see how we're going to start. and the materials needed in this work. L, M p.s. You can get the pattern's ad-free, printable Patterns Stitch Solig Sunflower Pillow Patterns Online. Crochet Sunflower Pillow Pattern by Solig. Solig Sunflower Pillow Pattern on Stitch. Crochet hook, US size H, 5.00 mm. a tool for tying off ends. Scissors washable pillow form 16" x 16" (insert) WeCrochet Brava Worsted (218 yards per 100 grams): A: White (168 yards/77 grams). 1 skein Canary (155 yds/71g), color B 1 skein Almond (77 yds/35 g), color C 1 skein D: Sienna (66 yards/30 grams) 1 skein Sunflower squares in gauge 4 measure 4.75" square.Pillow, finished size 16" x 16"US Crochet Terminology Glossary: st(s) = stitch (es)

The chain. Chain space (ch-sp) Slip stitch (sl st) Yarn over (YO) Single Crochet Pilow, or SC: Double crochet, or DC Treble crochet (tr) Cluster stitch (cl st(s)) (es) Double crochet cluster stitch, 2 DC cl

the treble cluster stitch, or 4 tr cl. 5 treble cluster stitches, or 5 tr cl. Continuous Join As You Go (CJAYG) DC shell: a collection of DC stitchesHow to Crochet the 2 DC Cluster Stitch (2 DC cl): YO, insert hook into center of circle, YO and pull up a loop, YO and pull through 2 loops on hook, YO and pull through 3 loops on hook, ch 1, repeat from * to * until desired length is reached.

To make a 4 tr cluster stitch, use these steps: YO, insert hook into sp, pull up a loop, YO, pull through 2, YO, pull through 2. Do this three more times. On the hook, there should be five loops. Pull through all 5 loops using the YO.

How to make a 5 tr cluster stitch Crochet Pilow (also known as a 5 tr cl) is as follows: YO and insert hook into sp, pull up a loop, YO and pull through 2, YO and pull through 2. Do this four more times. On the hook, there should be six loops. Pull through all six loops with the YO. notes on Patterns Crochet Pillow Square Stitch. Gauge is crucial! You will need more yarn if your squares are larger than 4.75" inches. Please change the hook size to match the pattern's gauge.

The finished pillow panel should be roughly 19" x 19". Throughout the pattern, Ch 2 counts as a DC. Graphic. Crochet Square.

Throughout the pattern, ch 3 counts as tr. Throughout the pattern, ch 3 counts as tr. The pillow panel is really snug; nonetheless, because Crochet loosens with use, I prefer a snug-fitting cover. Before joining, add another round of granny square stitches to your panel if it is too snug for your taste.
Crochet tutorial, Sunflower Square. learn step by step. how simple!! learn the patterns step by step for Free.

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