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Hello friends. today we are going to learn how to make a beautiful Crochet Daffodil Flower. very delicate flower. easy to finish, let's give an example for an easy way to Crochet. techniques to finish a project in a very simple crochet. see also a step by step material what to use Stitch, which colors look better line for your Flower to be more beautiful. many ideas we can do. see how to learn how to make these flowers easily. i am very happy to help friends to have crochet ideas, Stitch step by step with advantage to finish this Crochet Pattern Daffodil Flower. see more details below on this crochet flower pattern. see learn how to make and fix your Crochet Flower for Decoration. or put in a beautiful vase to Decorate Crafts your home. learn more details below with this model see more..

Materials: Size 10 Crochet Thread, DMC Cebelia is recommended. 1.75mm hook smallest needle you can fit the thread into Recommended materials: Floral stem wire Floral tape smaller hook or tapestry needle (to loosen tight stitches) DMC Cebelia size 20/1.5mm hook OR DMC Cebelia size 30/1.25mm hook

Crochet Hook size: 1.5 mm Yarn Size: DK (UK) – DK/Light Worsted (USA) – 8 ply (AUS) Difficulty Level: Intermediate Crochet Materials Needed: Wire cutters • Scissors • Candle and flame source (if using acrylic yarn) • Straighteners/Flat Iron (optional) • Glue Gun Hot Glue or ‘dry clear’ craft glue • Crepe paper (optional) • Crochet Flower tape

Crochet Daffodil Flowers step by step with video explanation. Stitch ideas and techniques easy to do.

Crochet Pattern Skill Level
Making 3D Crochet Flower Projects is more difficult than your usual Crochet Projects. I have set this Crochet Flower Pattern project as suitable for an Intermediate skilled Crochet.

5: hdc in each st around, join with slst 6: *ch3, join in next st with slst, sl to next st* rep** around. Fasten off.Using Yellow

Daffodil Patterns - See more video with demo and step by step for questions about this model. practical Crochet class with techniques and demonstration.

7: join in the back loop of any st of round 3, *ch2, dc in same st, dc2, [dc, ch2, slst]in same st, slst to next st* rep** around.8: *ch3, [hdc, dc] in same st, 2tr, ch3, slst to 1st ch to create picot, 2tr, [dc, hdc] in same st, ch3, slst join to same st aslast part of petal, sl st to beginning of next petal* rep** around, fasten off, weave in ends and enjoy your work.

Gauge is not important for this Crochet Stitch project, but you will need a Crochet hook appropriate to make firm tight stitches with your chosen yarn. I used a 1.5mm steel Crochet hook (US size 8/Canadian & UK size 4.5) with DK (UK) – DK/Light Worsted (USA) – 8 ply (AUS) Crochet yarn.

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