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starting Butterfly Craft job. friends i am very happy to show you a delicate simple Butterfly Crochet model to finish in a simple way. learn with ideas and details on how to make this Crochet model. see the base of this model to fix the pearl details. the balls are fixed. see how to fix it, this Pattern is very delicate and beautiful. butterflies to fix in some Decoration work. I found very beautiful friends. see many ideas on how to make this model according to the available chart. however, we will learn to evolve. these Crochet Stitches that we do with care by observing the Graphic on the wings of the Butterflies. and always in an easy way. however, it requires a lot of attention. we go below with the details of the Crochet step by step. see more Butterfly Crochet Pattern here. learn ideas with this crochet stitch below. friends this Pattern Stitch is wonderful. the Stitches are simple and you will be able to assemble your Crochet Butterfly in a basic way. see below what you will need to make this model

Observe the chart below and follow your measurements to finish the butterfly. Butterfly Crochet Pattern basic Techniques.


Crochet Batterfly Patterns free Easy model chain stitch -ch slip stitch - sl.st double crochet | tr | dc treble | double |crochet -tr dc double treble \ treble -d.tr\tr 4half treble puff Sttch Crochet \4 half double crochet puff stitch - 4 puf. 3 halff treble puff stitch \ 3 half double Crochet puff Stitch - 3 puf. picot of 3ch - picot shell of 3ch - picot shell - work in the same place: 4 puf.+4 puf. puff Sitch Crochet:

yarn Crochet over hook. insert hook into stitch below and draw Yarn up 0.7 -1 cm yarn over over hook insert hook into same stitch and draw yarn up. repeat from 3 times for 4 puf. or 2 times for 3 puf.

Yarn over hook and draw through 8 loops (for3-puf.draw through 6 loops) Patterns Crochet Butterfly Yarn over hook and draw through all loops. big wings. take yarn of light salmon color and work nest: 6 ch, work in last ch: 1 d.tr\tr+ 3 ch + 2 d.tr\tr+3 ch+ 2 d. tr\tr+3 ch +2 d.tr\tr+3ch+2d.tr\tr,5ch shell in first space of 3 ch, 5 ch, 1 dc sc + picot+1dc\sc in next space of 3 ch, 5 ch, shell. in last space of 3 ch 5 ch, turn.

Shell in shell , 5 ch, 1 dc\sc + picot+ 1 dc \ sc+ picot +1 dc\sc+ 5 ch in first space of 5 ch; rep from*1 time for next space of ch, shell in shell,5 ch turn. shell in shell , 5 ch, 1 dc sc+ picot+ 1 dc sc +5 ch in first space of 5 ch; rep from *2 times for next spaces of 5ch , shell in shell, 5 ch,turn.

Patterns Crochet Butterfly: 3 chs, 3 tr \ dc, 4 tr \ dc decrease, 7trdc, 4 trdc decrease, 3 tr \ dc, sl, st.in the third ch Finishing abstract : stuff body firmly with polyfill. for next Stitches insert the hook through two Stitches (from fromt to opposite side).
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