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Did you like the Crochet Flower? incredible right? I found very elegant friends. this model is very delicate. this Crochet Flower Pattern is very simple to make. and we can use it in many types of Projects. this Crochet Pattern can be used on dresses, Crochet Blankets, Crochet Towels, various models. the simplicity of this model is widely used with this step by step. it can be varied with the sizes measures. see the base of this Pattern, I found it very simple to finish. let's learn from a Crochet Tutorial for friends who need Support. but we will help you make your Flower and finalize your model very easily. see what to use in this crochet pattern. see the measurements measures used in this Crochet Pattern. you help friends a step by step complete with details to pay attention to the Crochet Stitch. see below how to make this model and finish your Crochet Flower according to the photo below. these Flowers Stitch are delicate and can be used in various models of your choice. see below how your finished Flower will look. liked? let's learn more about this Crochet Flower Patterns.

Crochet Skill Level: Intermediate Abbreviations UK RS. Right Side ch. Chain dc. Double Crochet htr. Half Treble Crochet tr. Treble Crochet dtr. Double Treble Crochet rpt. Repeat

SKILL CROCHET LEVEL: MEASURE: 7 cm diameter aprox. MATERIAL: Remnant Yarn. I chose Anchor Creativa (Anchorcrafts) sport/fine cotton yarn. Catania Originals (Schachenmayr) is also a good alternative. Crochet hook: 3mm Stainless steel locking Pin for brooch Scissors Tapestry Needle
ABBREVIATIONS USED IN THIS PATTERN CROCHET ch/s: chain / s sl.st: slip stitch sc: single crochet hdc: half double crochet dc: double crochet incr: increase (2 sc made in same stitch) st/s: stitch / es rnd: round prev: previous rep : repeat from to *

ROSE FLOWER (I edited the written instructions of the flower to make your reading more comfortable) Begin by making one 76 chains strip. Row 1: Make 2 sc in second ch from the hook; 2 sc in next ch; 2 hdc in next ch; 2 dc in each next 4 chs. Make *1 dc in next ch and 2 dc in following ch*. Rep ** along the chains strip a total of 33 times. In last 2 chains: 1 dc; 1 sc. Total: 115 stitches. Turn the work. Row 2: Ch 1 + 1 sc in first st. In next 11 sts: (1 dc, 2 dc) twice; (2 dc) twice; 1 dc; 2 dc; 1 dc; 2 hdc; 1 sc. *In next 13 sts: 2 hdc; (1dc, 2 dc) twice; (2dc) twice; (2dc, 1 dc) twice; 2 hdc; 1 sc.* Repeat from * to * a total of 4 times. *In next 9 sts: 2 hdc; 1 dc; (2 dc) 4 times; 1 dc; 2 hdc; 1 sc.* Repeat ** a total of 4 times. In next 7 sts: 2 hdc; (2 dc) 4 times; 2 hdc; 1 sc. In last 8 sts: 1 hdc; 2 hdc; (2 dc) 3 times; 2 hdc; 1 hdc; 1 sc. Total: 11 petals Turn the work. (Note: Cut the Yarn only if you wish to make your rose in 2 colors. To begin 3rd row, insert the hook in first st to take a loop and pull it through the Stitch to the front). Row 3: Ch 1 + 1 sc in first st. Make 1 sc in each hdc and dc Stitches Crochet, and make 1 sl.st in each sc between Petals along the strip. Cut the Yarn Crochet.

Finish the rose Flower: Roll up the strip in a rose shape. Thread a tapestry needle with one yarn end and tack down the edge with a Stitch or two. Thread the tapestry needle with second Yarn end and run it through the middle of the rose to secure it, and also around a few Stitches to better hold it together. Weave all Yarn ends to finish your rose Flower Crochet.

BACK CIRCLE FOR THE BROOCH Round 1: Adjustable ring. Make 1 ch + 8 sc in the ring. Adjust the ring and make 1 sl.st in first st to close the rnd. Total: 8 sc Round 2: Ch 1 and make 1 incr in each st around. Make 1 sl.st in first st to close the rnd. Total: 16 sc Round 3: Ch 1; *make 1 incr in first st and 1 sc in second st*; rep ** around. Make 1 sl.st in first st to close the rnd. Total: 24 sc Round 4: Ch 1, *make 1 sc + 1 incr + 1 sc in next 3 sts*; rep ** around. Make 1 sl.st in first st to close the rnd. Cut the Yarn. Total: 32 sc. Weave both yarn ends. Brooch Finish: Place the stainless steel locking Pin for brooch on the crochet circle and sew it. Sew the crochet circle to the rose Flower Back.

Surce: https://anabeliahandmade.blogspot.com/2020/02/crochet-rose-brooches-free-pattern.html

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