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Hello friends. today we are going to attach to make a beautiful how Crochet Shawl ideas, Patterns easy from Crocodile Stitches. this point is very elegant and is a charm in this work. this Crochet Shawl is a very delicate model and looks beautiful when worked on this Crochet stitch. I really like making this model here. it looks beautiful like that. see how to make this model. learn some tips on how to align the models of this Crochet Shawl Patterns  
within this Crochet Stitch we can create many other models, we have many ideas of this Crochet Stitch. see some of them on this website. here we can create this model of different sizes, friends can assemble the desired size. see some ideas in this crochet stitch Crochet tutorial. here we will follow the step by step. for the most experienced friends by the simple graphics. follow the step by step and material used in this beautiful work that accompanies the yarns used in this work. I am happy to see this model here. it's amazing how elegant this Crochet Shawl is. here we can understand in a simple way how to make this Crochet Shawl. the points are very simple. 
See in the tutoial and take your doubts. it is always good to take the time to observe this model well. for the friends who are starting to Crochet it is very patient. but this is very simple. see step by step, graph and free Tutorial with a simple crochet shawl free pattern base. this project is incredible. the model is basic and very elegant when it is finished according to step by step. 

Instructions: Crochet Shawl width Yarns Lines Free download Crochet Stitch for beginners CH 21 DC 3rd stitch from the hook. *CH 2 and skip 2 stitches on the chain. DC twice into the next stitch. Repeat * for entire chain. Turn (This causes the stitches to be in groups of two and is the foundation behind the scales for the entire project. CH 3, DC 4 times down post of the first DC of previous row. CH 1, DC 5 times up the next post, *CH 1, Skip next two DC posts, DC 5 times down the next DC Post, CH 1, DC 5 times up the next DC Post. Repeat * for the remainder.Turn (You will have 4 scales).

I practice model Easy Shawl. Free Crochet Tutorial, Pattern for beginners simple Crochet Stitches.

CH 1 and SL ST into the gap space between the 2 DC Posts below (this prevents the scale from being forced to collapse on itself). Ch 3, 1 DC into the space between the two DC Posts below. *CH 2, 2 DC into the next space between the two DC posts below. Repeat * all the way across. Turn. 

These scales will fall directly between the scales seen on the row below. CH 1, SK first 2 DC posts andimmediately DC 5 times down next DC Post, CH 1, *DC 5 times up the next DC Post. CH 1, SKIP next two DC Posts and immediately DC 5 Times Down the next DC Post. CH1 Repeat * to the end. Last stitch you will do a single Crochet into the gap space between the final two DC Posts. (You will have only 3 scales across). Repeat Step 4 - 6 for two yarn balls. Fasten off when both balls are used. Crochet scarf styles 

Side 2 will be identical to what you have done above. Complete an identical section. When finished, sew the two together by sewing them on the underside of the scales. My example ended the scales with three scales on both sides, yours may vary depending on yarn length. You may want to ensure both sides of the scarves have the same scale counts to look consistent. 

Crochet shawl video, crochet shawl ideas, Crocodile stitch, TUTORIAL. learn more and see  step by step

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