Crochet Rug Geometric | Diagran Stitch

Hi friends I Really liked this Crochet Model. see the Pattern of this rug in Geometric Crochet. the Step by step is Yarn with Novelty that are Easy to do with this Pattern in Crochet. the Yarn in Crochet is in accordance with this Beautiful Work with the Graphic well clarified. A Beautiful Crochet Rug with a Wonderful effect of Colors and Yarn I Believe many friends were waiting for the step by step of this Beautiful crochet rug available. the amount of Yarn depends on the size of the rug that the friends will do. depends on the Crochet stitches. this Carpet Model requires a lot of Dedication. is a Very Practical Model to do. but you need a lot of Attention in the step-by-step and in the amount of Material that is used on this Beautiful Crochet Rug. the models are Very Beautiful I Really liked this Geometric Rug in Crochet. in this step by step we learn how is the following of this Beautiful rug here we show the step by step and the amount of Material that is used in this template Friends. it is Very important to pay close Attention to this step by step, which implies the strict quantity of material used on this crocheted rug. we can watch two videos with beautiful Crochet Designs, rugs one of them showing a step-by-step model of Crochet stitches. and others some ideas of Beautiful Geometric carpets. I appreciatively liked all the Models shown. Let's understand that we're making one like that. and you will be just like following this Easy Step by step of this model of crochet blanket patterns see below some very Practical ideas of this model of Geometric work in Crochet Patterns. learn how to do these Beautiful Works by Observing the Practical step-by-step of the Crochet rug. the Model is a Beautiful Novelty and we can share with these Novelties with high standards in Crochet ideas.

PATTERNS MATERIALS: 100% acrylic 4-ply worsted weight yarn (3.5 oz. skeins): Off White, Light Periwinkle, Periwinkle, and Soft Navy; and (3 oz. skeins): Ombre Blues Tapestry needle YOU WILL NEED: Size G-6 crochet hook or size to reach gauge

Easy Stitch Crochet Rug. wonderful model. see some chart ideas and Step by step Crochet Diagram Patterns.

See the chart. follows Geometric model for simple Step-by-step basics of making friends. Crochet Patterns Rug ideas.

Here are some ideas of Crochet Rugs. these Models are very Wonderful. all done in Crochet. some Models Here give us an idea to learn some great Crochet Work that friends can share and learn how to do it by seeing the Diagram above. and the Crochet Pattern. see the material used in this Work in Crochet. this rugs are very Beautiful.

Instructions and Material used in this Crochet work. 
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