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I bring today a recipe with step by step Flower pink Crochet Stitch store is an art that has always enchanted people. For those who work with her, making a variety of products, it is a real therapy, providing pleasant moments to relieve the stress of the day dia.E when it comes to, among the many possibilities, certainly the crochet yarn flowers are the products more requested, since they can be used in various ways, always giving an extra charm to parts or items Decorativos Stitch Crochet. favorite work of those who like to use this Technique is the Flower Crochet, can be made of various kinds, colors and shapes simply creativity and patience you can put it into necklaces, use it as a brooch and more to give unique pieces Crochet Patterns. You can make all kinds of Flower Crochet just by the Craftsman have enough ability to develop the pieces. Flower Crochet yarn store can be used to create several pieces for your home or trabalho .E environments the cool that we can learn to make these models either or other pieces in Crochet Patterns tutorials Stitch with step by step or experience other people friends through social net works Crochet Patterns . Today technology is so great and so in our favor only just  away. I hope you enjoyed this beautiful Crochet Patterns Stitch simple and delicate Rose Flower crochet Stitch. See you..

PATTERN MATERIALS: Yarn: I used Novita’s crochet yarn for this particular rose. The yarn is 100% mercerised cotton. (You can pretty much use any yarn you wish.) I find that a rather thin yarn works best. Hook: Depending on thickness (weight) of your yarn, use whichever hook suitable. For Novita’s crochet yarn, I used JMRA’s hook size 1,25mm (8).

You can leave a long tail wires at the beginning or end of the pink (or both ends), to sew the strip petals together. (Leave a tail at the end, after pressing the last line off, then the tail of the long wire at the beginning will not get in the way.) Make as many chains as you wish, to create a rose the size you want in 4th ch from hook 1dc work. After that, * 1ch, skip 2 of the current line channels, and [1dc, 2 channels, 1dc] Line 2: First 3ch (counts as first dc). Then: [1dc, 2 channels, 2DC] first 2-ch sp Start line 3 immediately with crochet stitches twice after turning, working the double crochet stitches for spaces 2-CH, and then attach each petal to the next space 2-ch with a sc. 

At the end of the line 2, you should still have 39 spaces of two chains, that is, you can create 39 petals. We divided the petals and the number of crochet stitches made twice for them as follows: 

10 petals 10 dc 8 petals of 8 bp 7 petals 7 dc 9 petals 6 dc 3 petals 5 dc 2 petals 4 dc 

Rose Mount 

Wrap pink, from the lower petals. Rolling the following layers around the lower base of the petals. Keep the base of the flat pink, so that the rose does not turn into a cone spiral (trying to look at the base also while you are wrapping it). 

(Of course, if you do not want the rose to be flat, you can push the middle of the rose a bit from the base, and then just sew up to secure the new form.) 

Adjust the petals to the positions you want them to be, and then bundle the two together, making sure that the petals are not moving much. 

Follow step by step this model of Crochet Roses. see how to make these Stitch in a simple way. some examples are basically so see the Materials used in this Crochet Rose Project.

CH chain, chain stitch US dc double crochet (acute UK) (DCS = plural) US sc single crochet (UK double crochet) sp space st point

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